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Deliver unique value, build a thriving business

Rory helps leaders clarify their strategies in the belief that a clear strategy provides the blueprint for a business to thrive. 

The key that opens the door to a thriving business is the consistent delivery of unique value to customers.

Rory’s experience includes running large businesses in Australia and Europe, and consulting with McKinsey & Co.


Rory Deavin

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  1. -clarify your strategy

  2. -embrace the challenge of building a thriving business

  3. -build strategic capability in your business

  4. -succeed as a leader

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n.   blueprint for a thriving business

Design and implement the blueprint for your business to thrive

A highly practical and participative way to clarify your strategy and build strategic capability in your business

  1. ‘Learn by doing’ - apply The Thrive Program to your business

  2. Identify the key strategic issues facing your business

  3. Learn a common language for discussing your strategy

  4. Learn to use the right tools to answer the right questions

  5. Design the blueprint for your business to thrive

  6. Schedule the two day program to suit your needs

  1. UniqueValue Strategy Workshop

  1. Strategy Advice

Advice and support on any aspect of clarifying your strategy and designing and implementing the blueprint for your business to thrive.

  1. Position your business to best respond to the key opportunities and threats posed by the competitive and other forces at play in your industry.

  2. Articulate and communicate why your business exists beyond just making money.  Explain what otherwise unmet needs it fills or what problem it solves, and for whom.

  3. Develop an intimate knowledge of the customers you’re targeting, what they’re trying to achieve when they search for, purchase, use and dispose of your products/services, and the impact of the problems and frustrations they encounter.

  4. Design the combination of outcomes and experiences that aligns with what your target customers are trying to achieve and that represents unique value in their eyes.

  5. Design an operating model that consistently and profitably delivers all elements of your unique value to your target customers.

  6. Develop and maintain the organisational capabilities you need to run your operating model in the most efficient and effective way.

  7. Identify the right physical, intellectual, human and financial resources to invest to run your operating model in the most efficient and effective way.

  8. Deploy the right measures, incentives, disciplines and reporting to ensure the effective and consistent implementation of your blueprint.